"Since I started to wear my appliance I am sleeping much better, my blood pressure has gone down, my heart is no longer racing when I wake up and when I do wake up I am able to fall back to sleep right away. Also because I am sleeping better I can excercise more, because I am no longer fatigued."


" My snoring was consistently keeping my wife awake. I was referred to Dr. Cantwell who prescribed the oral appliance for me. Since wearing the appliance my snoring has stopped. My wife is able to sleep and I find that I'm sleeping better too. My sleep is not disturbed by my wife telling me to turn over. I am really pleased with the results and it only took a few days to adjust to the treatment. Thank you Dr. Cantwell." 

- Chuck Aukamp (Respiratory Therapist)



"My wife and I are so grateful to you for restoring our sleep. While I do not have sleep apnea, I was suffering from terrible snoring. My snoring would keep my wife from falling asleep, and would disturb my sleep as well. I was referred to your office for an evaluation. After countless nights of being exiled to the couch, I was desperate for your help. Since I have been using the oral appliance you created for me, my wife and I are happily sleeping in the same bed again. The appliance is so small and fits so comfortably that I barely know it's there. It is truly a miracle because my snoring is completely gone. Thank you so much from both of us." 

Chris and Tiffany


My doctor in Carlisle, PA recommended Dr. Cantwell as the best in the state for dental sleep medicine. My doctor was not wrong. Dr. Cantwell and her entire practice are professional, well organized, and at the top of their game. Wonderful customer service as well. Highly recommended.

- Daniel Mouton

I recently met with Dr. Cantwell seeking a solution for sleep apnea. I was so impressed with her thorough, teaching approach to the subject. She explained the causes of my condition, how it affects my overall health, as well as the pros and cons of solutions available. She was very relaxed and informative, and I never felt rushed or pressured in any way. I highly recommend Dr. Cantwell and the solutions she offers for sleep apnea.

- Jim M.


Always struggled with sleep apnea and Dr. Cantwell and her staff have made me feel welcome and comfortable from the very beginning. A very knowledgeable team with a friendly yet professional approach. I can finally sleep again! Thank you!!!

- Colby H.

I couldn't stand my CPAP machine and the hoses, my brother uses his no problems but it just wasn't for me with traveling for business. I found Dr.Cantwell's office and I now have a great solution for my sleep apnea and I can even wear it on the airplanes when I nap and not have to be embarrassed about snoring. I always recommend Dr.Cantwell to any fellow sleep apnea sufferer.

- Todd D.