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"Since I started to wear my appliance I am sleeping much better, my blood pressure has gone down, my heart is no longer racing when I wake up and when I do wake up I am able to fall back to sleep right away. Also because I am sleeping better I can excercise more, because I am no longer fatigued."

" My snoring was consistently keeping my wife awake. I was referred to Dr. Cantwell who prescribed the oral appliance for me. Since wearing the appliance my snoring has stopped. My wife is able to sleep and I find that I'm sleeping better too. My sleep is not disturbed by my wife telling me to turn over. I am really pleased with the results and it oly took a few days to adjust to the reatment. Thank you Dr. Cantwell."
- Chuck Aukamp (Respiratory Therapist)

"My wife and I are so grateful to you for restoring our sleep. While I do not have sleep apnea, I was suffering from terrible snoring. My snoring would keep my wife from falling asleep, and would disturb my sleep as well. I was referred to your office for an evaluation. After countless nights of being exiled to the couch, I was desperate for your help. Since I have been using the oral appliance you created for me, my wife and I are happily sleeping in the same bed again. The appliance is so small and fits so comfortably that I barely know it's there. It is truly a miracle because my snoring is completely gone. Thank you so much from both of us."
Chris and Tiffany