Warning Signs :

  • Being overweight (Body Mass Index BMI of greater than 28)
  • Family history of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • A neck greater than 17 inches for men and 16 inches for women
  • Frequent use of alcohol or sedatives 
  • Smokers
  • Have you ever been told you appear to stop breathing while sleeping?
  • Person over the age of 65
  • Uncontrollable high blood pressure
  • Person who displays a recessed chin
  • Person with a excessively large tongue
  • Menopausal woman
  • Do you often feel tired during the day despite a full night's sleep?


Use the Epworth Sleepiness Scale to measure your general level of sleepiness. This is a mini test based on yes or no answers. Please call to schedule a consultation if you feel that you have an underlying sleep condition. Our New Patient Paperwork Packet has the full in depth Epworth Test.

How likely would you be to fall asleep in the following situations?


  Sitting and reading      
  Watching TV      
  Sitting inactive in a public place/theater      
  As a passenger in a car for an hour without a break      
  Lying down in the afternoon      
  Sitting and talking to someone      
  Sitting quietly after lunch (no alcohol consumption)      
  In a car, while stopped in traffic      

If you answered YES to more then 3 of these questions you may have an underlying sleep conditon. Please call the office for a consultation so we can help you get a better nights sleep.


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